Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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Tokyo Auto Salon 2019: Toyota Supra to join Super GT race series

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019: Toyota Supra to join Super GT race series

Said to have been posted on Twitter by Toyota's Mexican arm and discovered by American motoring publication Jalopnik, an official-looking video has shown the Supra in the full metal for the first time - with previous leaks and teaser images offering small highlights.

The Japanese manufactured first debuted the Supra in Super GT's forerunner the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) in 1995 and enjoyed plenty of success over the next decade, winning a total of four titles with the car.

As we mentioned in the title, the 2020 Supra comes with an athletic look, from the proportions (check out the short overhangs, for instance) to details like the bootlid spoiler and the double bubble roof. Even though we've pretty much seen the auto with and without camouflage and have even driven it, the.

With so many previous leaks, many Toyota fans have already made up their minds about the Supra's looks; however, these new shots reveal a muscular sports vehicle that aims to impress.

Technically the Supra will repeat BMW Z4 the current, sixth generation. In terms of its size and proportions, it's easy to see how the new Supra shares its platform with BMW's Z4, but it's also clearly distinct from the German coupe with its own shape and curves. Both can be obtained with a six- or eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Detroit Auto Show will reveal all when it comes to the Supra-until then, let's enjoy these sneak peeks!

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