Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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VLC prepares to add AirPlay support as it crosses 3 billion downloads

VLC prepares to add AirPlay support as it crosses 3 billion downloads

The app needs no introduction - it's probably the most popular third-party video player in existence, and for good reason.

VLC will add AirPlay support in the coming weeks.

After that, a major update will be pushed to VLC across all popular platforms.

The open-source VLC Media Player app from VideoLAN reached a major milestone today as it just passed the 3 billion downloads mark on the project's official website. This will let Android users beam video files from their Android phones to the Apple TV. It's not clear why this is, but ongoing speculation heavily implies that it's part of Apple preparations for the imminent launch of its own video streaming service.

Kempf was also eager to share a roadmap for VLC with the publication.

Some of the other features now in the works include a VR mode that would convert 2D content for VR headsets, along with an enhanced media library. Had the team relied on the SDKs of headset makers, the implementation would have added hundreds of megabytes of code to the app. With VR support, VLC users will be able to watch traditional 2D movies in a virtual theater environment using special devices like HTC Vive.

The developer said VideoLAN is also looking to build out a more complete media library although it doesn't plan on competing directly with the likes of Kodi or Plex. According to Variety, it is expected that VLC will surpass its downloads goal at some point in the day on Friday.

With mobile accounting for a quarter of its user ecosystem, it makes sense for VideoLan to add more applications and functionality to that aspect of the experience. The company confirmed that they're closing in on 3 billion downloads.

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