Published: Mon, January 14, 2019

Boeing cargo plane carrying 9 crashes in Iran

Boeing cargo plane carrying 9 crashes in Iran

A cargo plane made an emergency landing in an airport near Tehran, before overshooting the runway and crashing into nearby buildings, Iranian media report.

Fath Airport belongs to Iran's powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

The head of Iran's emergency department, Pirhossein Kolivand, said earlier: "We don't have clear information about the details of the crash".

Images carried by Iran's state-run media showed the burned-out tail of the plane sticking out, surrounding by charred homes.

"Due to a mistake by the pilot, it came down at the Fath airport", Farsi News reported, citing Iranian officials.

The Fars news agency, considered close to the military, said there were 16 people onboard and that only the flight engineer had survived.

Iran's air force said in a statement that the fate of the crew, including their possible "martyrdom", is under investigation. A spokesman for Iran's civil aviation told state TV that the plane belonged to Kyrgyzstan.

But a source told Fars agency that the plane belonged to the Iranian military's air force.

The plane initially reportedly had 10 people on board, but that figure later rose to 16.

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