Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
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Latest On Kyler Murray, Athletics

Latest On Kyler Murray, Athletics

Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics with the No. 9 pick of the 2018 MLB Draft. He was to play quarterback at Oklahoma in 2018, then join the A's.

The Chronicle source said National Football League teams would not want Murray to play baseball because of the steeper learning curve for a rookie quarterback and the everyday demands of the position.

Each year, Major League Baseball notifies teams of their draft bonus pools and worldwide spending allotment. The situation could result in a decision with league-wide ramifications, as's Jeff Passan is reporting (Twitter links) that if the A's and Murray can agree to a Major League contract that would guarantee Murray more money for sticking with baseball, Major League Baseball wouldn't object.

Obviously, that $15 million ask exceeds that total bonus allotment on its own, and it has already been spent.

The Oakland Athletics are sending a group of top executives to meet with Heisman Trophy victor Kyler Murray on Sunday in the hopes of persuading him to pursue a professional baseball career as he decides between honoring his contract with the team or playing quarterback in the National Football League, sources with knowledge of the meeting told ESPN. Whatever sport he chooses, Murray, 21, will need to begin training for it sooner than later.

So, either something is off with that $15 million figure or Boras has something allowed under MLB guidelines in the works (i.e. Murray having a full-on MLB-level salary as a minor leaguer after exhausting that $1,100 per month maximum in his first minor-league season).

According to USA TODAY Sports, A's brass led by team president Billy Beane did meet with Murray to make their pitch on Sunday.

It did not entirely allay fears over Murray's size.

There is, however, no possibility that Murray could play both football and baseball in the same year.

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