Published: Mon, January 14, 2019

Robbie Williams Is Trolling His Neighbour Jimmy Page By Blasting Pink Floyd

Robbie Williams Is Trolling His Neighbour Jimmy Page By Blasting Pink Floyd

According to The Telegraph, Johnny sent a letter to the council alleging that Williams has been up to several weird antics, including playing loud rock music on outside speakers whenever he sees Page.

The pair have been at loggerheads since 2015 over Williams' plans to build a swimming pool in the basement of his west London home.

As The Telegraph reports, a resident close to the famous musicians has alleged that Robbie Williams has begun a campaign of harassment against the famed guitarist, reportedly blasting out music from Led Zeppelin's rivals and "imitating" Page's bandmates.

A letter to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea states that as well as Sabbath, the singer has been playing Pink Floyd and Deep Purple songs at high volume, as "he knows this upsets" the 75-year-old Led Zeppelin guitarist, who has lived at Tower House for more than 46 years. Williams, 44, was granted conditional approval previous year to start the construction work.

Williams was granted conditional approval for the work in December a year ago but Page fears the excavation work will damage his heritage-listed 1875 mansion.

Williams is also allegedly imitating Page's former Led Zeppelin bandmate, Robert Plant.

This is "embarrassing", the letter continues, because "Mr Plant was remembered for performing with his shirt open on stage, and obviously he can not perform in his current condition".

The letter also stated that the loud music "upsets" Page.

The BBC also reports work can not begin on Williams's home until councillors receive reassurance vibration levels and ground movement issues will be monitored.

A spokesperson for Williams has told The Telegraph that the allegations were "a complete fabrication and nonsense".

Page's PR guy, Mark Borkowski, is apparently planning to arrange a meet-up, hopefully a casual winter backyard barbie, for the airing of grievances.

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