Published: Mon, January 14, 2019

WEATHER: Brace yourselves... it's going to get COLD

WEATHER: Brace yourselves... it's going to get COLD

He said that this weekend will "certainly be cold enough for snow".

Cold air will move into Scotland this weekend.

Temperatures will plummet more than 10C from the start of the week when Atlantic winds will bring an unusually mild feel.

Once again, Nolan forecasts, we can expect a lot of cold air coming westwards from Siberia and sweeping across Ireland.

Temperatures could drop below zero.


Following the occasional colder snap so far this winter, the Met Office says that there are now signs that cold winter weather resulting from a sudden stratospheric warming is on the way for the UK.

She said: "Through Wednesday a polar maritime air mass is going to push in from the west but by the time we get to Thursday it will be an Arctic air mass".

North-east Scotland had some snowfall on Monday, and expected rain showers could turn to snow by Friday in western parts of the UK, Diamond said.

"If we think there is anything severe we'll be issuing weather warnings".

Kent County Council's chart indicating when gritter services may be required
Kent County Council's chart indicating when gritter services may be required

January 22 - Rain / snow showers.

A possibly lengthy winter blast will be driven by warming of the air over the North Pole encouraging a colder airflow into the UK.

Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP), warned people not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the current mild conditions.

While this is the average temperature for January, Diamond said the sharp change from the mild weather will be noticeable across the country.

And Courier country will not escape the wintry conditions.

It adds: "There remains uncertainty over the extent of the cold weather and how long it will last".

"Southern regions could see their heaviest snowfall for at least a year, this has the potential to accumulate and trigger some travel problems". However, the cold weather may not affect the whole of the United Kingdom and it is still possible that some milder and wetter interludes will intersperse this generally cold period, especially in the south.

SSW is more often than not followed by a cold spell and is what caused extreme weather during the Beast from the East from late February into early March 2018.

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