Published: Thu, February 07, 2019

230 new emojis have been approved for release

230 new emojis have been approved for release

Numerous new emoji have to do with with accessibility and mobility.

Emojepedia's sample images of what the new emojis may look like when released. It's just announced lots of new emojis that will likely make their appearance in this fall's iOS update. There are always requests from Apple users as to how the company can improve and design more emojis.

Plus, there's even some new exotic emojis, including a pink flamingo and a furry sloth.

Also causing a stir is the so-called "small pinch of salt", and it isn't hard to see why.

Some of the new emoji coming in 2019. Up to now disability has been greatly under-represented'.

The update also adds more than a dozen emoji that represent members of the Deaf and Blind communities and people with disabilities.

The group then joined with United Kingdom health agency NHS Blood and Transplant to push for a blood drop emoji.

The menstruation emoji was one fought for by Plan International U.K., a girls' rights charity that held an online vote for what such an emoji should look like, reports the BBC.

The charity had originally pitched a design of a pair of trousers with a couple of drops of blood on it, "It was very heavily period driven, and that is very much what our work is, so we were really sad [when it was rejected],' but unfortunately, an explicit link to periods was just 'too uncomfortable" for the organisation to approve, Carmen speculates. Why?

Push for periods to get an emoji * Will the death of the peach emojo change sexting forever?

The petition began shortly after a Plan International survey found that 48 per cent of women in the United Kingdom aged between 14 and 21 were "embarrassed" by their periods. In the food category, there's a waffle, a head of garlic, an onion, a juice box, an oyster, and more.

"Emoji 12.0 is comprised of 59 distinct new emojis; 75 when gender variations are taken into account; and 230 new emojis when all skin tone options are also included", the emojipedia blog reads.

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