Published: Thu, February 07, 2019

Burger King’s Super Bowl Ad Featuring Andy Warhol Leaves Viewers Confused

Burger King’s Super Bowl Ad Featuring Andy Warhol Leaves Viewers Confused

In a 45 second ad that aired during last night's 53rd Superbowl Game - a spot for which companies pay almost $5 million - BK showed a younger Warhol eating the store's signature Whopper out of a now-vintage BK bag.

According to the Three Beers and a Mic podcast, one person who purchased the box received an old school Burger King paper bag, an empty plastic ketchup bottle, a gray wig, a card with a promo for a free Whopper and free delivery from Door Dash, and a note 'explaining things.' The note instructs people to wait until the super bowl, and then order.

The ad ends with the artist dipping his burger in the condiment and eating the Whopper while a vintage Burger King logo - and the hashtag #EatLikeAndy - appears on the screen.

According to AdAge, the film "has flown largely under the radar beyond art circles".

Warhol, who died in 1987 at the age of 58, identified as gay.

It's the first Super Bowl commercial 37 years in the making.

As a result (and after getting approval from Warhol's foundation and those connected to Leth), Burger King was able to use the hamburger-eating footage during their Super Bowl LIII spot.

"His impact as an artist is far deeper and greater than his one prescient observation that 'everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes, '" reads his biography on the website.

"What we love about Andy is what he represents as an art icon and his message about the democratization of art", Burger Kings' Head of Global Marketing Marcelo Pascoa said in a statement.

Warhol was fascinated with iconic American brands, but he reportedly preferred McDonald's to Burger King.

The commercial isn't typical for Super Bowl ads, which usually feature star-studded casts and elaborate sets and special effects, but representatives for the fast-food chain store held firm to their controversial choice. "I believe that it will act like a silent assassin during the Super Bowl - it will cut through the noise with silence".

As of early this morning, the 45-second ad had pulled more than 55,000 views on YouTube, and the long version had pulled more than 9,200 views.

However, this Burger King ad spot nearly didn't happen.

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