Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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Kevin Durant Gets Heated With Reporters Over Possible Free Agency

Kevin Durant Gets Heated With Reporters Over Possible Free Agency

It's a new-age rendition of "Annie, Get Your Gun", circa 2019, the National Basketball Association free agency edition: "Anything you can do, I can do better..." I just want to play ball. You rile up the fans about it. That's all I'm saying. Just walk in here, survey and then write something like that, and then now y'all piling on me because I don't want to talk about that. Come on, man. Grow up.

He implored the media to "grow up", and specifically directed his comment at someone in attendance and reiterated "yeah you, grow up". I come here to work every day and cause no problems.

"I just don't trust none of y'all", Durant said. I play the right way, or I try to play the right way.

The conversation regarding the best active player in the National Basketball Association usually revolves around a handful of players.

"What's the problem? What am I doing to you all?"

Durant also called out Ethan Strauss of The Athletic for his column that stated that many believed Durant was headed to NY after the season.

He just give his whole opinion on stuff and make it seem like it coming from me. And now when I don't wanna talk to y'all, it's a problem with me. Durant said. "I didn't feel like talking the last couple of weeks".

"I'm done", he told a reporter.

Some context: this was the first time Durant had spoken in past nine days.

"It's the conversation you all [the media] have", he said. He cares what is said about him, probably too much.

"If Durant didn't like the narrative that was surrounding him, he could have squashed it easily last week".

Meanwhile, he is keeping reporters busy.

"I'm done", Durant said. "Leave." That history made it logical to pursue sources about Durant's state of mind, no matter how frustrating he finds it.

The testy exchange during his three-plus minutes at the podium started when he was asked about free agency rumors and him possibly going to the New York Knicks this summer.

There has been nonstop speculation about what's in the future for Durant, and if he'll be sticking with the Warriors for the long haul. If he thinks coverage is extensive now, wait until June.

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