Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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Measles cases reported in several Houston-area communities

Measles cases reported in several Houston-area communities

Measles cases are surfacing across the country as an outbreak tied to the highly contagious viral infection continues to spread.

The Bell County Public Health Department confirmed a measles case in a child in Western Bell County.

This adds to the national measles outbreak seen across the county.

Health officials said it takes two doses of the MMR vaccine to protect you against Measles, Mumps and Rubella - and it will give you peace of mind if you come down with similar symptoms.

Measles was considered eradicated in the 2000, as a result of immunization, but over the last few years more and more cases have been reported in Texas and other states.

Some people are self-treating with vitamin A, prompting the Washington State Department of Health to warn the public that doing so has no effect on measles.

"These outbreaks are associated with travelers who brought measles back from Israel and Ukraine, where large measles outbreaks are occurring", the CDC says.

Beckham said new cases of measles are becoming more common than before, saying the last time they had a confirmed case was past year.

Multnomah County's communicable disease team checks in daily with people suspected of being exposed to measles to make sure they can work and do other normal life responsibilities without infecting other people. The Houston Chronicle reports health officials were told the four children who fell ill had received their first of two measles vaccines. Forty-two patients were not immunized against the virus, while health officials had not verified the immunization status of six patients. Orders for measles vaccine climbed 30 percent in Washington overall, from 12,140 doses in January last year to 15,780 doses in January of this year. It is 99% effective at preventing measles infection.

That's a huge rise in a county where vaccination rates lag - only 76.5 percent of kindergartners had all the required immunizations for the 2017-18 school year.

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