Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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Verstappen will be feared by Lewis Hamilton: Horner

Verstappen will be feared by Lewis Hamilton: Horner

Ahead of a season in which Verstappen and the newly-Honda powered Red Bull are eyeing a more consistent challenge to Mercedes and Ferrari, Horner reckons his driver has shown himself ready to take on the sport's established big two. "He's just more worldly, more experienced, he's just in a better place to be able to deal with the pressures that are placed on him". "The objective is to be more consistent across all circuits and hopefully with more horsepower than past year, that will only help to reduce that gap". "He has absolute determination and zero fear." he added.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says the indicators are that Honda has had a strong winter of power unit development and will help the team progress compared to 2018.

"Obviously it's a huge challenge to do 21 races on three engines". It is exciting, although that will really come when I sit in the vehicle.

"It is a new start with Honda, everyone is very motivated", Verstappen told his official website.

"So I find it a really exciting time for myself and I'm really looking forward to starting, and we will see how I perform straight away". Sebastian [Vettel] is 31. "It could be good for him".

The RB15, the team's first Honda-powered auto, will break cover on the same day as Mercedes will reveal its W10.

Red Bull might have been happy to keep Ricciardo but there is little doubt the souring of his on-track relationship with Max Verstappen played a part in his choice to depart. "Maybe other teams will take a win here and there but they're still the teams to be in the short term". They are making good progress.

"For them it's more conservative but I can't argue because it's worked for them".

"I did the first six races and won two out of six - it was Seb (Vettel), Lewis (Hamilton) and me who had won two each and at that stage no one else was touching us in a way", he said.

Horner described this as "quite a naive approach".

He said he believed Liberty had "absolutely" underestimated the task of running F1 and he raised concerns about their methods for reducing costs by introducing a budget cap. "Financial regulations and governance are an enormously hard thing to police fairly and we are waiting to see how they do that".

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