Published: Sat, February 09, 2019

Philipp Plein Reportedly Scammed Out Of $900,000 By A Fake Kanye West

Philipp Plein Reportedly Scammed Out Of $900,000 By A Fake Kanye West

Page Six reported on Friday that an associate and former friend of West's contacted Plein, who has a huge New York Fashion Week event planned for Monday, pretending to be the rapper's rep and negotiating for him to "perform" at the show. The fashion house reportedly advanced the money to Yusef-affiliated entities and featured West's name prominently on the event invitation before discovering Yusef failed to communicate any of this with Kanye.

The real victim here, aside from Yeezy, is Philipp Plein, a designer who ended up agreeing to a SEVEN-FIGURE contract for "Kanye" to perform at NYFW. According to their source, the person also had a $900,000 advance wired to an account which was cleaned out soon after. Music. Philipp Plein now has two problems; he's not getting a Kanye West appearance and he's out of almost $1 mil.

The gossip site also obtained a picture of the contract with Kanye's forged signature on it and with that of Plein. TMZ noted the designer fell for the bit, which led them to sign a contract where the man reportedly forged West's signature. "But unfortunately an individual pretended to be part of his management team and acted without Kanye's knowledge, capitalizing on a former friendship with him. We hope to collaborate with Kanye West in the future and we look forward to our 20th Anniversary show this Monday evening", Plein's team told The Blast.

A fellow Twitterian kept throwing jibes in an allusion to the epic fail that Kanye had experienced during his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House.

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