Published: Sat, February 09, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen might feature built-in Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen might feature built-in Camera

It could be to allow you to write on paper using the S-Pen, while the camera records your doodles and uploads them to the cloud. But a new S Pen equipped with a camera would likely be accompanied by new software features, pertaining to the camera app, in particular. Samsung explains in the patent that smartphones typically employ digital zoom, but in the process of enlarging an image via a program or algorithm, the overall quality of the images takes a hit. It describes an "electric pen device" with an "optical system including a lens and an image sensor", allowing a camera to be "controlled from the external electronic device".

First spotted by Patently Mobile, Samsung's patent shows an electronic pen with four optical lenses stacked inside the top of its housing, but the application leaves room for the number of lenses to vary. The South Korean giant reinvented the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9, where it added Bluetooth functionality.

All the way back in 2017, when we thought the world was bad but had no idea how awful it was going to become, Samsung filed a patent for a smartphone stylus with a camera inside. The pen in the Galaxy Note has thus become a truly unique selling point that other manufacturers can not offer - not a bad thing in times of interchangeable smartphone designs.

This could theoretically remove the need for a front-facing camera on a Galaxy Note device, freeing up the front of the smartphone for the display.

As per the patent, Samsung's advanced stylus will also include a battery and a prism in the optical path for conversion of signals. Still an S Pen with a camera and zoom will definitely be interesting. Additionally, the pen would offer more versatility when taking photos, letting users get into positions that would be awkward if holding a phone.

How much can you squeeze inside a thin stick like the Galaxy Note 9's S Pen?

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