Published: Sun, February 10, 2019

Freezing Rain Creates 'Ghost Apples' in Michigan Orchard

Freezing Rain Creates 'Ghost Apples' in Michigan Orchard

On Wednesday, Andrew Sietsema posted photos of an ice formation he saw dangling from an apple tree in Michigan's Kent County.

Western Michigan has been experiencing extreme changes in temperature this week, from an Arctic blast, to above average temperatures to a day of freezing rain, according to CNN meteorologist Judson Jones.

He says it was cold enough outside that the ice covering the apples hadn't melted yet, but warm enough to turn the apples into mush.

But recent freezing rain in MI led to the production of a rare psuedo-crop: the ghost apple. When he pruned the trees, the shaking branches caused numerous icy apples to fall off, but in a few cases the entirety of the mushy, rotten apples just slipped through the bottom of the frozen shell. "In this case, unpicked old apples".

Andrew Sietsema took photos of "ghost apples" in Sparta.

The apples are a variety called Jonagolds, one of Sietsema's favorites, he told CNN, adding, "but we'll call these 'Jonaghosts'".

However, a few of them were left looking like what you see here.

Like this: