Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
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Google might be building a smartwatch, according to new job listing

Google might be building a smartwatch, according to new job listing

Now the Mountain View company wants to get in the wearable business as well, something that we knew about since a year ago.

Even though Google said in late 2018 that it wouldn't be releasing a Google Pixel Watch anytime soon, the company seems to be putting a big focus on making own-brand wearable devices.

The Google Pixel Watch appeared on a weekly basis in the rumor mill previous year until the director of engineering for Wear OS (previously Android Wear) shut down any speculations saying such a device was not coming in 2018 and they are aiming to improve its partner network and wearable OS in general. According to new job listings, it looks like the company may actually build its own wearable devices.

According to two separate job listings, Google is now searching for a VP of Hardware Engineering for its wearables team, as well as a Wearable Design Manager.

The postings are quite clear in regards to the importance of Google's wearable projects as they directly state the two future hires in question are meant to be on close working terms with the hardware unit's senior leadership as they come up with ways to create new and improve existing products. "You will lead and enable the effectiveness of a large engineering organization primarily based in Mountain View to develop multiple next-generation wearable products simultaneously". This job position and the recent acquisition of technology from Fossil are both solid evidence that Google is interested in producing a self-branded wearable.

Google is also seeking a "Wearables Design Manager"-someone to "guide the efforts in defining and evolving what it means to hold 'Google in your hand.'" The minimum qualifications for that role also include 15 years of experience developing consumer products".

Neither company has provided details on what the tech involves, but we assume it's a new type of fitness tech, as Fossil confirmed the tech came from its sport brand Misfit's research and development team.

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