Published: Sun, February 10, 2019

Orlando Apollos rout Atlanta in AAF debut, 40

Orlando Apollos rout Atlanta in AAF debut, 40

With this being the first game of this new professional football league, many did not know what to expect. Everything from the way contracts are structured with the bonuses, to the twist of listening into the coach and players interact throughout the game, and the interactive app for the league, there is a lot to be excited about.

The AAF got off to a successful start in the ratings book as it filled the post-Super Bowl void for football fans.

"Well, it is a little unusual when you go out there to get ready for the opening kickoff and there is no opening kickoff", said a smiling Coyle.

Dennis Erickson is head coach in Salt Lake and will face off against Arizona's Rick Neuheisel. The other opening-weekend games are the Atlanta Legends at the Orlando Apollos on Saturday night and the Memphis Express at the Birmingham Iron on Sunday night. All eight AAF teams are incentivized to load their roster with local talent - players that have notably played for either the local college or professional teams. But if you weren't sure who to root for, we might be able to help. The play clock will only run 35 seconds, five seconds shorter than the NFL.

The AAF even has the Head Ball Coach himself, Steve Spurrier, who is coaching the Apollos.

Hall of Famer Willie Lanier is an executive in the league office, where former Pittsburgh Steelers stars Hines Ward (head of football operations) and Troy Polamalu (head of player relations) also work. TNT and Bleacher Report Live will also broadcast on AAF regular season game and one playoff game.

It is just one game, but the Apollos scoring 40 points is a good way to attract fantasy owners. We certainly did as a staff, and I would say the Apollos had the same situation, and the officials did as well. "They saw enough good plays, especially after the first quarter". "They're a partner. The goal is to improve and support the ecosystem of football".

In a nice touch, Kurt Warner is the pregame and halftime analyst for Saturday night's games on CBS.

The new league has left fans across the country trying to decide where they should pledge their allegiance. There are a plethora of camera angles in the broadcast, frequent instant relays, coherent commentary, and an overall all feel of an National Football League game.

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