Published: Sun, February 10, 2019

So Sweet! Watch Hailey Bieber reveal how Justin Bieber Proposed

So Sweet! Watch Hailey Bieber reveal how Justin Bieber Proposed

The star refused to have sex before marriage because of religion.

The 24-year-old singer has been famous since he was a teenager, and has said he now finds it hard to know whether people have genuine intentions, or if they're just trying to "use" him for his fame - including his now-wife Hailey Bieber, who was known as Hailey Baldwin before they married last year.

On the pages of gloss they talked about how we chose to get married after only 12 weeks from the start of the relationship, why not to have a big ceremony and that was abstaining from sex until marriage.

"It's hard for me to trust people". People love me, I'm the s**t - that's honestly what I thought. One of the big things for me is trusting myself. These errors affected my confidence in their judgments.

"And I believe that God blessed me with Hailey as a result". We worked on this. I'm emotionally unstable. I struggle with everything... "It was very special", the 22 year old gushed. I just gave him a hug. I asked why not? "A month later he proposed to me", said the model. Rumours of their first official Christian wedding ceremony, to be held on February 28, are afloat, with some reports even saying that the two have already sent out save-the-date cards to family and friends.

According to Gossip Cop, the latest rumor about Bieber is that he secretly met with Gomez, which led to an angry Baldwin demanding a divorce. Don't think it forbids sex to box us in.

"We were on a trip to the Bahamas and we were alone in a house, just the two of us". Sometimes people have sex because it makes them feel bad and suffer from self-esteem issues. I started really feeling myself too much.

Bieber revealed during the interview, "Just thinking about music stresses me out", he says.

Dropping some not previously known juicy details, Baldwin opened up about her whirlwind romance and engagement in the rapid response interview.

"We're young and just learning". Relationships are always a complex thing. "There are perks. You get rewarded for good behavior", he told the magazine. Wife is not about that.

She added: "We're really young, and that's a scary aspect". We will vary. But we promised each other that we will go along and support any changes in each other.

Baldwin found out and she was "livid" about it. Bieber's wife reportedly then took the decision to end the marriage.

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