Published: Sun, February 10, 2019

Suspected DUI driver dances through sobriety check in Pasco County

Suspected DUI driver dances through sobriety check in Pasco County

A man in Pasco County, Florida, may have picked the wrong time to show off his dance moves when he was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence on February 5.

Larson is accused of then getting out of the vehicle while his auto was still in drive.

Before the video began, authorities said they found Larson in his parked vehicle, which was running.

Larson told Fox 13 News that he was not 'dancing, ' but would not comment further on his arrest.

Body cam video shows Larson bouncing and rowing and spinning at certain points.

Deputies say the driver was asleep at the wheel. When asked how much he had to drink, Larson asked the deputies to make it easy on him. Police say they spotted a truck parked with its brake lights on in front of a closed business.

Deputies said after knocking on the window and shouting, the man, identified as 33-year-old Christopher Ryan Larson, eventually woke up, but he seemed disoriented.

After more twists, turns, side steps and full rotations, the video ends with Larson appearing to do something like walking lunges and squats in one final pass.

The man got out of the vehicle, but the deputy said it was still in drive and began to roll forward.

The sheriff's office says he admitted to drinking for several hours and allegedly told deputies he thought he was in Clearwater, but had actually been sleeping in Holiday, about 32 kilometres away from Clearwater.

In bodycam footage provided by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, the man can be seen attempting to dance instead of performing various tasks as deputies conducted the test.

The incident took place near the intersection of Berry Hill Road and Grand Boulevard.

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