Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
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TSA Found a Record 4,239 Guns, 3,656 Loaded, at Airports in 2018

TSA Found a Record 4,239 Guns, 3,656 Loaded, at Airports in 2018

At no. 7 was Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, where 96 guns were discovered.

"In total, 4,239 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country a year ago, averaging about 11.6 firearms per day, approximately a 7 percent increase nationally in firearm discoveries from the total of 3,957 detected in 2017", the statement said.

More than 86 percent of the guns found were loaded, according to the Transport Security Administration (TSA). The 4,239 guns stopped at TSA checkpoints past year is a 7-percent increase over 2017.

What part of it's illegal (and dangerous) to pack a loaded gun in your carry-on bag aren't we getting?

And earlier in February 2018, it said it confiscated 104 firearms from carry-on bags in one week at US airports, surpassing the previous weekly record of 96 set in 2017.

TSA agents confiscated a record-setting 4,239 firearms from passengers' carry-on bags at security checkpoints across the country. There are also numerous statutes on carrying concealed weapons in Florida. The TSA found three smoke grenades in a checked bag at Nashville's airport, an inert grenade in a carry-on bag in Las Vegas, lighter fluid in a carry-on bag in Seattle, fireworks in a carry-on bag in Orlando and five replica mortar shells that brought up an explosive response team at the same airport.

TSA can impose civil penalties of up to $13,333 on travelers who try to bring prohibited items on a flight.

Sometimes it's not just regular passengers who flub the rules.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport topped the list with 298 firearms, including 253 that were loaded.

The airports that saw the most firearms discovered sit along the Sun Belt, from Atlanta to Arizona, in states with looser gun laws, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

Overall, the TSA screened 5.5 percent more travelers in 2018 than in 2017, or about two million travelers per day including a record-breaking Thanksgiving.

Guns weren't the only prohibited items discovered at checkpoints past year.

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