Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
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Kyler Murray makes decision on whether he will play football or baseball

Kyler Murray makes decision on whether he will play football or baseball

The Heisman victor tweeted Monday that he will be playing football over baseball, making him an intriguing quarterback prospect in April's draft. Of course, Murray was drafted and signed by the Oakland Athletics in the Major League Baseball but Murray has the potential to be a very high pick in the upcoming NFL Draft on April 25th.

Relating to the Patriots, they will always be interested in quarterbacks as long as Tom Brady is still on the roster since they need to find an eventual replacement.

Oakland drafted Murray with the ninth overall pick last June.

Murray is coming off a standout football season with the Oklahoma Sooners. But perhaps Murray can slip in, a beneficiary of not only his athletic skills but also the success in the recent past of Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield - shorter QBs who have proven themselves on the National Football League level. "Football has been my love and my passion my entire life".

The NFL Combine begins at the end of February. I have started an extensive training program to further prepare myself for upcoming workouts and interviews. Although the A's were hoping he'd choose baseball, they were increasingly pessimistic the longer his locker in their spring-training clubhouse sat empty.

"Things have certainly changed since the draft", Billy Beane, Oakland's executive vice president of baseball operations, said Monday, via the Associated Press.

Murray made no mention of the A's or baseball in his statement. The Oakland A's were willing to throw a few million his way, but pro football is just a better option if you can play quarterback. He ran for 1,001 yards and another 12 scores, posting the second-best passer efficiency rating in FBS history. ESPN reported that Murray will return $1.29 million of the initial $1.5 million payment he received from the franchise and forfeit the final $3.16 million he would have received on March 1 entirely. In fact, he wrote: "I was raised to play QB".

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