Published: Mon, February 11, 2019

Porsches, Ferrari vandalized & set ablaze during chaotic Yellow Vest protest in Paris

Porsches, Ferrari vandalized & set ablaze during chaotic Yellow Vest protest in Paris

There was also an overnight arson attack on the Brittany residence of the National Assembly head - though no immediate link was made to the actions against President Emmanuel Macron.

A "yellow vest" protester in France had his fingers ripped off during clashes at the parliament building in Paris, as the protests went into their 13th week.

According to an eyewitness, the person who lost their hand was a photographer attempting to take pictures of people breaking down barriers around the National Assembly building.

One participant's hand was severely injured when he tried to pick up a so-called "sting-ball grenade" used by police to disperse crowds with teargas, a police source told Reuters.

In the south of France police blocked yellow vest leader Maxime Nicolle from crossing into Italy to join forces with Italian demonstrators.

Officers had arrested 39 people and 21 were being held in custody, they added last night.

Anarchists and supporters of extremist groups on the far-Right and far-Left often join the "yellow vest" protests, along with troublemakers known as "casseurs" intent on causing as much damage as possible. This was the 11th time he had marched with the movement, he said.

"We have to win to have more social and fiscal justice in this country", said Mairesse, who was carrying a placard calling for the reimposition of a wealth tax on high earners repealed by Macron.

The first yellow vest day of protest in November brought 282,000 people out on to the streets across France, according to government figures.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has gone on Twitter to express his "disgust" as French yellow vest protesters set alight an anti-terror military auto at a protest in Paris.

About 4,000 marched in Paris, while demonstrations were held in other French cities, including Marseille, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. Recent polls show Macron's approval ratings are rising.

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