Published: Tue, February 12, 2019

Ellen Page hits out at Chris Pratt for stance on gays

Ellen Page hits out at Chris Pratt for stance on gays

Ellen Page, who appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week to share her feelings about the atrocious hate crime committed against Empire star Jussie Smullet, had a few words for Chris Pratt and his involvement in the anti-LGBTQ Hillsong Church. Pratt had revealed while speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he had just finished a 21-day "Daniel Fast" that he participated in through his Church.

Pratt attends church at Zoe as well on the church it's modeled after, Hillsong, both of which are Evangelical denominations that are popular with Hollywood celebrities, including Justin and Hailey Beiber, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez and more. "But his church is infamously anti-LGBT+ so maybe address that too?" Senior pastor Brian Houston previously said in a 2015 statement that the church does "not affirm a gay lifestyle". But Ellen Page was quick to call out the actor for his chosen place of worship.

The past few months have seen Chris Pratt extolling the virtues of his Old Testament diet and signing the praises of his church, Hillsong, but there's one person who's pointed out that his spiritual journey isn't necessarily all on the up and up.

Page is not the first person to draw attention to the fact that Hillsong Church leaders have not expressed strong support of the LGBTQ community in the past. Page is openly gay, and came out during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign's Time to Thrive conference in Las Vegas in 2014. Hillsong also does not allow queer members to hold leadership positions within the church. Page said. "Kids are going to be abused, and they're going to kill themselves". She co-hosted the 2016 Viceland documentary series Gaycation about LGBTQ cultures around the world. Yes, their sexuality is involved with it, but it's not as cut-and-dry as you think it is.

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