Published: Tue, February 12, 2019

Marvel announces four animated series for Hulu, including 'Howard the Duck'

Marvel announces four animated series for Hulu, including 'Howard the Duck'

Kevin Smith and Dave Willis are writer and producers on Howard the Duck, with Loeb. The series will follow the egomaniacal supervillain as he struggles to maintain control of his evil organization, as well as his over-the-top family. Real subtle, guys. Anyway, the series will all be handled by Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb and add to Marvel and Hulu's programming which, currently, includes The Runaways. After producing an ambitious series of interconnected, live-action comic book shows - which culminated in the crossover event The Defenders - Netflix canceled Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil last fall without any warning or explanation. Hit-Monkey is being written and executive produced by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, while a Tigra & Dazzler show is on the way from Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler.

And some surprising characters are going to be filling that void with The Offenders, a new adult animation initiative from Jeph Loeb and Marvel Television coming soon to Hulu. Seeing Marvel explore more left-field choices is a great thing, and names like Patton Oswalt, Chelsea Handler and Kevin Smith in there should inspire confidence that the shows should all be amusing (and weird) at the very least. Both will executive produce the series with Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb. Comedian/actor/writer Patton Oswalt will work on that show along with Community's Jordan Blum.

Hit-Monkey: "Marvel's Hit-Monkey tells the tale of a wronged Japanese snow monkey, mentored by the ghost of an American assassin, as he cuts a wide swath through the Tokyo underworld in this darkly cinematic and brutally amusing revenge saga". In the show, Howard will be trapped in a world he never made, but hopes to return home with the help of Beverly before the evil Dr. Bong can turn him into crispy duck.

Marvel surprised everyone at today's Television Critics Association with the announcement of four new animated shows, all featuring characters one wouldn't necessarily envision as heroes championing their own series. The special is Marvel's The Offenders.

Marvel's Tigra & Dazzler Show focuses on the two title characters, who are "woke superheroes" (one of whom is a cat person, while the other is a light-powered pop singer) as they try to break big in Los Angeles.

Tigra & Dazzler hails from writers and executive producers Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler. "We're so excited for what's to come!" What do you think about seeing the likes of MODOK and Howard the Duck get the adult animated treatment?

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