Published: Tue, February 12, 2019

Pot smokers find tiger in abandoned home

Pot smokers find tiger in abandoned home

Officials said two people who went into the abandoned home to smoke marijuana called 311 when they found the large cat. "So it was important that we get it out of that situation", Lara Cottingham, with the city of Houston, said.

They called police on Monday and the major offender animal cruelty unit and animal shelter volunteers arrived on the scene.

The garage had been secured with a screwdriver and nylon strap, according to the police.

"A pretty small cage inside basically a garage in a house that didn't look like it was in the best shape".

BARC officers found the tiger on Monday.

In a statement, the Houston Zoo said it will not be able to take the tiger.

The shelter, which takes in more than 26,000 animals each year, is still trying to find a long-term facility to take the tiger.

"Finding a forever home for a tiger is not easy", said Krahn, who is now caring for six exotic animals at a cost of more than $1million.

Some tigers are smuggled into the USA from Mexico, and there are small pockets of breeding facilities across the country. "It's just finding the right combination and then transporting", Cottingham said.

Houston Zoo told KPRC-TV it did not have the resources to give the animal a home.

The female tiger was found in a cage with several packets of meat.

It's legal to own a tiger in Texas if the owner has a wild game permit but it's illegal to have one in Houston and Tyson's owner, if found, could face a hefty fine.

"Fewer than 3,500 tigers of all tiger subspecies remain in the wild today, according to the Tiger Conservation Campaign", officials added.

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