Published: Tue, February 12, 2019
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Tesla Model 3 Drag Races BMW M5 in Close Battle From Hell

Tesla Model 3 Drag Races BMW M5 in Close Battle From Hell

Delivery of the Model 3 was the company's key priority in the latter half of 2018, as Tesla tried to supply all buyers wanting the full benefit of the $7,500 USA tax credit before it was cut in half at year's end.

Last we heard, Musk said that the feature was coming soon, which in Tesla-speak doesn't really instill a lot of hope. In other words, the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that occupies the engine compartment of the super-sedan delivered 560 ponies. The port of Zeebrugge was recently selected for the landing of thousands of Tesla Model 3s, the brand's "affordable" model.

The two velocity tools went for the classic quarter-mile run.

The base price for the Chinese Model 3 RWD is set to ¥433,000 ($64,300) which is ¥66,000 ($9,800) cheaper than the non-Performance Dual-Motor option available. Higher production needed to make cheaper models profitable to make Musk has noted that higher production is needed of the cheaper Model 3s. Reported by our friend JayinShanghai, February 1st was the last day of test drives offered at the Jinqiao Tesla Store in Shanghai. Not to worry, Musk earlier today took to Twitter and revealed that Sentry Mode is slated to roll out sometime next week.

FILE PHOTO: Rows of new Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles are seen in Richmond, California.

The First Model 3 Performance in Guangzhou, China. Musk's tweet included an image of what appeared to be a number of Model 3 Teslas.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 is expected to ramp into full production by next year.

The two former delivery workers said the 2018 sales push has left Tesla's reservations list plucked clean of North American buyers willing to pay current prices of over $40,000 to get their hands on a Model 3.

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