Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
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Amazon is Getting Into Whole Home WiFi By Buying Eero

Amazon is Getting Into Whole Home WiFi By Buying Eero

Amazon has announced that it will acquire Eero, one of the biggest players in the networking hardware space known for its easy-to-set up mesh Wi-Fi solutions. Eero, which was founded in 2014, has raised $90 million in funding, according to Crunchbase.

This could be why the online retail giant, which been aggressively branching out into smart home and ambient computing technology over the past few years, has chose to buy the Wi-Fi router company. Smart home systems are notoriously complex to set up, and the interplay of devices can put a lot of strain on home WiFi systems. The acquisition fits in with Amazon's efforts to connect just about all home devices, from speakers to microwaves. Every customer deserves reliable and secure WiFi in every room.

Of course, pioneering mesh Wi-Fi technology is nothing when you're going against the likes of Google, so an Amazon acquisition seems to make sense for all parties. "By joining the Amazon family, we're excited to learn from and work closely with a team that is defining the future of the home, accelerate our mission, and bring eero systems to more customers around the globe".

There's some speculation that it's possible Amazon could have purchased Eero with the goal of improving the setup process required to make its Alexa devices operate.

On the downside Amazon will now have "more valuable data on consumers and advance Amazon's growing dominance of the smart home".

Blanket coverage is important for the technology giant to keep products including Amazon Echo, Ring doorbell and Blink security camera online.

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