Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
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Google Releases Colorful New Themes for Chrome

Google Releases Colorful New Themes for Chrome

Google's Chrome team has published yesterday 14 official themes for the Chrome browser, the first time the company has done so.

I know. This isn't rocket science, or profound in any way.

Regardless, these themes seem like good choices for those who want something a little more tame than what usually appears on the Chrome Store. So this is absolutely worth knowing about.

Google has just released 12 new official themes for its browser, available to download for free.

Google's Chrome browser comes with theming support but only a single theme; this will change in the near future for Chrome on Windows 10 as it will support the operating system's dark theme mode natively. Instead, it often recruits artists to create featured themes for the Chrome Web Store, as in the case of the Zodiac Animals themes that are now being promoted. Instead, the themes are just solid colors that mainly affect your new tab page and your top tab bar. Which makes me wonder why most of the themes in this collection are simple shades after shades of color, while some are simply ridiculous, like this High Contrast Colorful one here. Click on "add to Chrome" to install the theme in Google Chrome. You need to go to chrome://settings/ for an option to reset the theme to the default.

After all these years of allowing others to build themes for Chrome, the Chrome team has made a decision to unleash a group of themes in the Chrome Web Store, and they look really awesome! In short: you can not install multiple themes in Chrome: it is just one theme and the default theme at all times.

Like this: