Published: Wed, February 13, 2019

Wire fox terrier is Westminster best in show — Wired to win

Wire fox terrier is Westminster best in show — Wired to win

There was a conflict of interest - top judge Peter Green's longtime partner has co-owned dogs with one of Colton's co-owners, including 2013 Westminster champion Banana Joe the affenpinscher.

Wire fox terriers are still King at Westminster.

Colton, a schipperke from Howell, Michigan who won the non-sporting group during Monday's competition, was ruled ineligible to compete for best in show.

A Wire Fox Terrier "King" is pictured after winning the Best in Show group at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City, New York, U.S., February 12, 2019.

The veteran handler Gabriel Rangel, who steered King to the title, was overcome with emotion in the immediate aftermath. The Wire Fox Terrier has more Westminster wins than any other dog breed.

King is the talk of dog parks around the world today. Then it's the best in show competition, where group winners go up against one another.

"I look at King, he's like a handsome painting, a piece of art", Rangel praised earlier in the day. "The way he stands and performs, he's the whole package".

Baby Lars the Bouvier des Flandres won for the herding group.

The crowd at Madison Square Garden seemed nearly taken aback when judge Peter Green revealed his choice over a pair of overwhelmingly popular favorites: a longhaired dachshund looking to break a centuries-spanning hoodoo and a charismatic Sussex spaniel back in the final ring for the second year in a row.

The fan favorites at the Garden were clearly Bean and Burns. Chants of "Bean! Bean!"

It was the 15th time a Wire Fox Terrier has been named a Best in Show victor at Westminster. Then, late Tuesday, the field dropped to six when a MI schipperke named Colton was ruled ineligible due to a conflict of interest.

Burns the Dachsund won for the hound group.

Rangel teared up in the middle of the ring after the win, overwhelmed by the moment and the recognition from Green.

Neither he nor King will have much time to rest. King's win makes it 15 Best in Show titles for the breed.

He had a great coat.

The winner's circle is familiar territory for Burns' handler Carlos Puig. Neither has a Havanese, schipperke or bouviers des Flandres. "He's best in show".

At the Westminster Masters Agility Championship on Saturday, Verb, a border collie from Wyncote, Pennsylvania, swiftly soared over hurdles and mastered obstacles, including weave poles, a tunnel run and a hoop jump, to become top dog with a time of 32.05 seconds.

"She does this because she loves me, not because she loves this", Bean said.

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