Published: Mon, March 04, 2019

Democrats concerned Trump ordered high-level security clearance for Kushner

Democrats concerned Trump ordered high-level security clearance for Kushner

Of course, both President Trump and his daughter-and senior advisor-Ivanka have repeatedly denied on the record that Kushner received any sort of special treatment.

A congressional committee is giving the White House until Monday to voluntarily turn over documents related to White House security clearances.

The president ignored recommendations from the Central Intelligence Agency and then-White House lawyer Don McGahn not to give the clearance to Kushner and ordered then-Chief of Staff John Kelly to give it to him, the New York Times reported last Thursday.

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Sunday he was bothered "a great deal" by the reports.

Thursday's report said that Trump's intervention concerned senior administration officials that John F. Kelly, the then White House chief of staff, documented the action in a contemporaneous internal memo that said he had been "ordered" to grant ushner a top-secret clearance.

Kushner's temporary clearance was suspended by Kelly in February 2018, along with other officials operating under temporary clearances, as part of measures to tighten procedures after White House staff secretary Rob Porter was sacked when his two ex-wives raised charges of domestic abuse. Trump said he did not think he had the authority to overrule security officials on clearance matters, according to the letter.

When asked about Ivanka Trump speaking out about the security clearances, Conway maintained that the White House is not allowed to speak about it but that the president's daughter has the "right" to do so.

White House adviser Ivanka Trump, who is also Kushner's wife and the president's daughter, also said that her father "had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband's clearance" during an interview with ABC News in February.

"If true, these new reports raise grave questions about what derogatory information career officials obtained about (Jared) Kushner to recommend denying him access to our nation's most sensitive secrets", Cummings wrote in a letter to Pat Cipollone, the White House counsel.

The House Democrat's letter included a transcript from a January 31 Times interview with Trump, in which the president denied ordering Kelly to overrule security officials and provide clearances for Kushner.

Moving on to Ivanka, the comedian laid bare his views on nepotism in the White House.

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