Published: Mon, March 04, 2019
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How To Complete All The Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenges

How To Complete All The Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenges

Players that own the Battle Pass will get different rewards as they level up, including skins, emotes, pets, V-Bucks and more.

Season 8 is pretty much what the leaks this week suggested. Every new skin in this season's battle pass comes with unlockable style options that become available once players complete various in-game objectives. There's also a range of treasure to be found inside pirate ships, another new addition (which is where the cannons can be found). It takes the place of Loot Lake. It can be found in the northeastern area of the map, so make sure you check it out. You can use these to shoot at enemies or even launch yourself across the map.

If you've visited the new volcano already - which is where Wailing Woods was - you'll know that it has special air vents. A change in drop zones just before a tournament isn't ideal for Poach, as he now has to come up with an entirely new plan of action with very little time to practice it.

Coming to the new weapons, the Pirates Cannon cannot only destroy enemies at a distance, but players can also climb into the battle and launch themselves. The patch note also reveals that the Party Assist mode has been added which allows players to enable Party Assist on a daily or weekly challenge to complete with the assistance of other players in the party. Those challenges are important to players because they unlock treasures, including skins, and, in fact, those who played Season 7 could earn a free Battle Pass for Season 8 by completing the right challenges.

Using the map in the gallery above, this one shouldn't be that hard to knock out. Save the World has a brand new Hero Loadout feature, along with new events and gameplay changes. One of the things that the game developer has been considering for a while is the respawn mechanic, and according to the Reddit AMA post, players will get more updates on this during Season 8.

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