Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
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Fortnite Now Forces Cross-Play Between PS4 And Xbox One

Fortnite Now Forces Cross-Play Between PS4 And Xbox One

Update 8.10 of Fortnite now automatically allows cross play between the two popular consoles. Just as we assumed, Epic vaulted a bunch of vehicles to make room for the new ones it plans to add throughout the season, beginning today with the arrival of The Baller.

Found at expedition camps and around pirate camp stashes (usually several in one place, from what I've seen), the Baller is pretty agile, blessed with a turbo boost, unlimited grappling lines, and no chance of flipping over.

In fact, if you're going to charge into an enemy head-on, the Baller might be one of the best ways to do it.

Another interesting change that comes with this update is the improved performance of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch by "reducing the likelihood of particles triggering when the day changes phases". At the start of this year, a bullet glitch was even discovered by Digital Foundry, revealing how higher performing versions of the game (on other platforms) had an advantage in battle - with the gunfire rates in these versions able to deal more damage per second than 30fps versions.

Epic has released Fortnite patch 8.10 which forces PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to play together and aims to improve the game's performance on the Switch.

Another big changes shipping with this week's patch involves vending machines. These machines will dispense a free item, but will disappear completely after use. Vending machines also now won't offer Common or Uncommon items, only rare or above.

Finally, in other Fortnite patch news, we've got the return of The Getaway LTM this week, along with tweaks to the rarity of both the Infantry Rifle and the Heavy Assault Rifle.

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