Published: Thu, March 14, 2019

Disney Plus Adds Marvel’s ‘What If?’ Series To Their Slate

Disney Plus Adds Marvel’s ‘What If?’ Series To Their Slate

This reached its peak during the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when X-Men and Fantastic Four were over at Fox, and Spider-Man was at Sony. Fox shareholders have until Thursday this week to decide how much cash and Disney stock they wish to receive, and the acquisition will become effective on the 20th. But even with most of the Marvel characters - Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man supporting characters and villains - under one umbrella, some characters have yet to interact with each other. The Disney+ series will operate under a similar anthology conceit, and each episode will offer a new take on how the events of Marvel's existing 21-plus movie canon might have altered. More on the report below.

With the launch of Disney Plus later this year, Marvel Studios will be able to explore new creative avenues that go well beyond the content of the films.

Since the last few months, it has been hinted that the Disney-Fox merger deal was just around the corner, but it kept getting pushed back due to reasons.

These stories will, of course, be separated from the MCU, and could push the boundaries of the characters involved without fear of reprisal.

Marvel reportedly developing 'What If?' animated anthology series for Disney+

The What If comics were one-shot adventures that lived outside of the comics canon, posing questions like "What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor?". That's not a premise for a real episode though. Yet.

The "What If" comic series dove into the possible outcomes of major Marvel comic stories or characters in Alternate Universes.

This sounds like it has the potential to be a lot of fun because it would play around with these ideas and twists that couldn't work in the live-action films. Captain America Had Led An Army Of Super Soldiers In World War II?' And 'What If... What about if Spider-Man's Uncle Ben survived?

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