Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Google is redeploying Pixel staff, raising questions on its future hardware plans

Google is redeploying Pixel staff, raising questions on its future hardware plans

Interestingly, Google doesn't seem to consider this to be a permanent change, which appears to suggest that at some point in the future the search giant could bring back the workforce to the Create unit.

Google is reportedly making a series of changes in its hardware division that puts the future of a number of devices in doubt, according to a report today. The hardware market for laptops is fiercely competitive, and all of Google's (overpriced) efforts in this space have failed to capture the market.

For now, Google is asking affected employees to seek temporary roles, meaning that the company could revert the alleged downsizing down the line. Already, these "floating" employees have been seeking roles within the company's smartphone division, Pixel, and other Alphabet companies, sources say.

Is the hardware honeymoon over at Google?

Google's hardware division has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the success of its smart speakers and Pixel smartphones.

However, at least once source said that there was a "bunch of stuff in the works" that may now no longer see the light of day. Most Chromebooks that are not manufactured by Google itself are much lower priced, like Samsung's Chromebook Plus which starts at $499.

Following the Pixel C came the Pixelbook, which was widely regarded as one of the best, most luxurious Chromebooks ever made. Unfortunately, this impressive performance doesn't extend to the company's tablets and laptops, and it now seems Google is taking action. The company launched its Pixel Slate - a tablet that acts like a laptop, meant to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro and Apple's iPad Pro - to a similar, cold reception.

You could also call the "laptop and tablet" division the "Chrome OS" division.

Google is the disputed king when it comes to software and associated technologies, but the same can not be said for hardware. Since then, sources tell us that pressure has increased to make hardware at Google into a "real business".

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