Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Hiring intentions for employers across Singapore in Q2 2019

Hiring intentions for employers across Singapore in Q2 2019

Nearly one in three Greek employers will hire more staff in the next three months if the results of a ManpowerGroup survey on expectations for the second quarter of the year turn out to be correct.

Only 10 per cent of Barrie-area employers expect to enter a hiring phase in the months ahead. Employers in the leisure and hospitality sector reported the strongest hiring intentions for the first quarter, with 35% planning to increase hiring and a seasonally adjusted net employment outlook of 25%.

"With seasonal variations removed from the data, Calgary's second quarter net employment outlook of eight per cent is a three percentage point increase when compared to the previous quarterly Outlook", said Upright in a statement, adding the Q2 employment numbers for 2019 are a one per cent increase from the same time past year.

Manpower said that a boom in the jobs market was coming to an end as hiring by finance and business services firms had suffered its "least optimistic year since the depths of the financial crisis". "The remaining three per cent are unsure of their hiring intentions".

Statewide, the employment outlook is "upbeat", according to ManpowerGroup. More worryingly, the negative Outlook in the Business and Financial services sector - which employs almost a fifth of all United Kingdom workers - suggests jobs are set to be lost in Britain's most important sector. The greatest optimism was seen in the sectors of construction, industry, transport, retail and wholesale commerce, as well as water, electricity and natural gas. Industries showing the strongest growth include transportation, manufacturing, real estate, public administration and finance and insurance.

Workforce gains are anticipated in all four organisation size categories during 2Q 2019.

United States regions. All regions in the USA reported positive second-quarter hiring plans. However, the Medium employer Outlook declines by 6 percentage points.

The net employment outlook is derived by taking the percentage of employers anticipating an increase in hiring activity and subtracting from this the percentage of employers expecting a decrease in hiring activity. Elsewhere, Large employers report an improvement of 6 percentage points, while the Outlook for Small employers is unchanged. Croatian, Japanese and Greek employers report the strongest hiring prospects for the coming quarter, while the weakest labour markets are forecast for Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Panama and Turkey.

Employers in 15 of 44 countries and territories surveyed report stronger hiring plans when compared with the prior quarter, while weaker hiring intentions are reported in 18 and no change is expected in 11.

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