Published: Thu, March 14, 2019

Kylie Jenner Reveals the Name She Almost Gave Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner Reveals the Name She Almost Gave Stormi Webster

However, she did disclose that she loves the name Rose.

"When I had her, I felt like she chose her own name. I'm naturally just a really skinny person. like [sister] Kendall Jenner, but not like Kendall-she's naturally, like, model status". There has been a lot of speculation that she and baby daddy Travis Scott are already planning for their second child, so it makes sense she is keeping the name under wraps. "It just didn't work for her".

During a Q&A on Instagram, Kylie revealed that she nearly called Stormi "Rose" as she loved the name, but doesn't think she will call any of her kids that after all. I don't know why. I really like that name.

"So it was that at first, and I would just call her - when I was pregnant, I used to call her Stormi when I would talk to her in my belly". The Kylie Cosmetics head said "Rose" was actually her third choice and that she had another name in the running. "Shout out to everyone named Rose". "But yeah, I've always had a really flat stomach but I never felt like it went back to what it was before Stormi until recently, and I feel like it has a lot to do with diet". "I've just been eating better and I feel like that's the trick for me, personally". "And I just couldn't imagine any other name other than Stormi". The daughter of Kylie Jenner should have an unseal name. Overall, Kylie admitted that her body's transformation took time.

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