Published: Thu, March 14, 2019

Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Said She Didn't 'Really Care About School'

Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Said She Didn't 'Really Care About School'

The daughter of actress Lori Loughlin reportedly was vacationing in the Bahamas on the yacht of Rick Caruso, chairman of the University of Southern California Board of Trustees, as her parents were named Tuesday in a federal indictment accusing them of scamming to get their daughters into the school.

The entire operation was masterminded by William Singer of Newport Beach, authorities said.

Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, has 1.9 million YouTube followers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, and regularly posts about life in university, as well as sponsored content and make-up tutorials.

Neither Olivia Jade or any of the other students who may have benefited from the alleged scheme have been charged in the federal case.

U.S. Attorney's Office in MA. They were on the show until it ended in 1995.

The elaborate scheme involved bribing the administrators of college entrance tests to allow a child's wrong answers to be corrected or for someone else to take the test in their place. Their alleged scams include everything from faking SAT and ACT scores to paying college coaches to have their kids designated as athletic recruits.

In some cases, though not all, Singer ensured the child was oblivious to the cheating. The sham charity, the Key Worldwide Foundation, purported to help provide an education to "underprivileged students".

While Giannulli and her sister are in no way responsible for their parents' mistakes (according to reports, the students involved were allegedly unaware at the time, and are not being prosecuted) it still makes the case more puzzling that Loughlin would allegedly commit fraud so her daughter could attend college - when she doesn't seem that interested in going to school.

Olivia Giannulli, a so-called online "influencer" who goes by the name Olivia Jade online, was the target of most of the backlash. "Your parents' actions robbed a student from a position at this university". Ginnulli was released on $250,000 bail.

Also charged is William McGlashan, an executive at the investment group TPG Capital who specialized in technology investments. Estée Lauder Companies, which owns Smashbox and Too Faced, also declined to comment, while the other brands or companies the magazine reached out to did not immediately respond to their requests for comment.

US Magistrate Steve Kim ordered Loughlin released from federal custody on US$1 million (RM4.08 million) bond following a brief hearing.

"We are aware of the ongoing wide-ranging criminal investigation involving universities nationwide, including USC", a statement released from the University of Southern California on Tuesday read. Several of the coaches accused of accepting bribes have been fired, placed on leave or have resigned.

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