Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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MLB, MLBPA Announce Significant Rule Changes

MLB, MLBPA Announce Significant Rule Changes

Starting in 2020, each team's roster will increase by one player to 26, and on September 1 through the end of the regular season, each team will have 28 players on the roster instead of as many as 40.

Mound visits per team will be cut from six to five.

All-Star Game fan voting will be conducted in two rounds.

Additionally, there will be only one trade deadline on July 31. The top three voter-getters at each position will receive bonuses of $2,500 to $15,000, which will not count against a team's luxury-tax payroll. This year will also see a change in voting for the All-Star Game. An "Election Day" will then occur with the top three vote-getters at each position (nine for outfielders) from each League where fans vote on the All-Star Game starters.

After an offseason that drew stark criticism for its slow-moving free agent market, MLB announced some major changes to its sport in 2019 and 2020, with the possibility of many more to come, in a new agreement struck with the MLB Players Association, per ESPN. The Home Run Derby winner's prize money will increase to $1 million with an eye on getting the best power bats - are you listening Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge? - not to skip the event. Contending clubs, one would imagine, will be forced to be more aggressive when seeking to acquire talent, while borderline teams who would previously have waited until mid- or late-August to sell off assets in a series of waiver claims will now be forced to make a decision much sooner.

Major League Baseball is hoping to bring more of its top talent into the annual Home Run Derby by raising the stakes. Major League Baseball is hoping, in particular, this will lead to creative social media campaigns that foster interest in the players and the game. From that point on, rosters can expand to 28 players and 14 pitchers. Clubs can add a 27th player for doubleheaders.

The number of pitchers a Club may carry on the active roster will be capped at a number determined by the joint committee.

Contending teams will not only have to consider big areas to fix in July, but if they are thin in even a supplementary area they might have to consider acquisitions.

-All pitchers must face at least three batters or end a half-inning, unless injured.

- Following the ninth inning of an extra-inning game or in a game in which his team is losing or winning by more than six runs when the player enters as a pitcher.

As part of the agreement, MLB and the MLBPA will also begin discussions regarding the league's growing labor issues, with an eye toward finding common ground ahead of the current collective bargaining agreement's December 2021 expiration. The Players Association has agreed that it will not grieve or otherwise challenge the Office of the Commissioner's implementation of the amended Rule 5.10 (g).

Injured List and Option Period for Pitchers: Subject to input from the joint committee, the minimum placement period for pitchers on the Injured List shall increase from 10 days to 15 days, and the minimum assignment period of pitchers who are optionally assigned to the minors will increase from 10 days to 15 days.

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