Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Respawn delivers Season 1 WARNING

Respawn delivers Season 1 WARNING

Others claim the Flatline skin disappears as soon as they enter the game, but they still get the 1,000 coins and the Apex Packs.

Unconfirmed rumors are swirling that Electronic Arts paid Tyler "Ninja" Blevins a million dollars to stream Apex Legends and tweet about it to his thirteen million followers within the first 24-hours after the game was announced.

As with most major games - especially live service titles that are constantly updated with new content - Apex Legends was recently subject to dataminers looking to find out what might be next for one of the biggest games in the world. It's not coming out today.

Within these game files are leaked items and changes that haven't made it into the game yet.

"So between the datamining and the unintentional update about Season 1 on Origin today, there's been a lot of speculation and confusion so we wanted to give some clarity", the post reads.

Rumours have been churning around data-mined discoveries in Apex Legends, only to be quashed last night by developers Respawn Entertainment. Although EA refused to comment on the exact amount, an inside source confirmed to Reuters that the sum Tyler received was that $1 million jackpot, nearly double the streamer's average monthly income (reported to be around $500,000 a month, split between YouTube, Twitch and sponsorship deals). "We're excited to get Season 1 kicked off and having you grinding on that Battle Pass with a new Legend to master soon". At best you should treat any posts about this as a rumour and the real info will come from us when we're ready to show off what's coming next.

Reports of players who tried and succeeded when using the exploit said it's similar to how other players also unlocked the Twitch Prime Pack a few weeks ago.

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