Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Sega halts Judgment sales in Japan following actor arrest

Sega halts Judgment sales in Japan following actor arrest

According to Mainichi News (via Kotaku), the arrest was made after a tip-off led investigators to search Taki's auto. Though no cocaine was found, Taki was given a urine test which positively identified cocaine use, according to Nippon.

With the intensity of social stigma surrounding drug use in Japan likely providing pressure, SEGA has opted to not only halt sales of the game, but also delete tweets surrounding it.

In a statement from Sega, the company says it received information regarding the arrest of Taki, and are now confirming the facts.

Taki was arrested for alleged cocaine use which, given Japan's extremely tough drug laws, could result in a seven-year prison sentence.

"The arrest of Pierre Taki, who is featured in our company's title Judge Eyes, is something we find deeply regrettable".

We have heard the reports of his arrest, and are now confirming the facts of the situation, but in the meantime, we have chose to voluntarily halt shipments of physical copies of the game as well as digital sales, and also to remove the game from our company website. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and related parties.

As soon as we hear more, we'll let you know.

Judgment did seem to be doing well in Japan following positive reviews, but now a spanner has been thrown in the works after one of the game's actors was arrested for drug use. Among the villains the player character goes up against is Kyohei Hamura, leader of the Matsugane-gumi yakuza syndicate, who is voiced by, and looks like, Taki. Developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studios replaced actor Hiroki Narimiya in Yakuza 4 previous year after also faced allegations of cocaine use.

"With a final product already in circulation in Japan, I can not believe Sega will keep the game hidden away from sight for long". At the moment, the game's Western release date remains unchanged on the official website, and Taki is still listed as Hamura's actor. Disney is reportedly trying to get him removed from the upcoming Frozen 2, for which he provided the Japanese voice of Olaf, but that should be a relatively simple substitution.

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