Published: Thu, March 14, 2019

Who is Olivia Jade? YouTuber receives backlash amid college bribery scandal

Who is Olivia Jade? YouTuber receives backlash amid college bribery scandal

Olivia's mother is accused of greasing some palms to get her into USC, and at the exact same time that's happening, she's balling out on a USC power player's yacht.

While Giannulli and her sister are in no way responsible for their parents' mistakes (according to reports, the students involved were allegedly unaware at the time, and are not being prosecuted) it still makes the case more puzzling that Loughlin would allegedly commit fraud so her daughter could attend college - when she doesn't seem that interested in going to school.

In the same interview, Isabella told the show's co-hosts that she hoped to pursue a career in entertainment.

In 2016, ET spoke to Loughlin, who stressed the importance of sending her daughters to college. I'm so happy they made me go, that sounds so awful.

To be totally fair, Olivia is a certified smoke, and we all know good looking women get to play by a different set of rules.

Lori Loughlin's oldest daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, was reportedly spending spring break on a super-luxurious yacht with friends - at least before the college admissions scandal took the wind out of her sails.

Trust me, that's not money well spent unless you're just donating buildings at the school. Do the best you can 'cause in life if you give it your all and you do the best you can, that's it. "And I just said to her, 'Look, have some back up plan". That's all you can do.' And that's enough, in my opinion, especially with kids.

Prosecutors revealed on Tuesday that they planned to indicted more than 40 people in the "largest college admissions scam ever", with Loughlin, 54, and Giannulli, 55, on their list.

The daughters of "Full House" actress Lori Loughlin became targets of scorn on social media on Tuesday after their mother was charged in an alleged scheme to help privileged Americans get their children into elite universities by fraudulent means. "I will never shop at Sephora again unless you drop this like a hot potato".

However, neither sister actually participates in the sport. Andrew Lelling, the United States attorney for MA stated that the people arrested include nine coaches, two examination administrators, one exam proctor, one college administrator and 33 parents. Faked athletic achievements, doctored test scores, and ghostwritten college entrance essays are just a few of the alleged tactics used by disgraced college admissions coaches to secure several students spots in their schools of choice. None of the other brands or companies Variety reached out to responded to requests for comment as of press time.

It is said that the students involved did not know about their parents' collusion with the scam, and are not being prosecuted.

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