Published: Thu, March 14, 2019

Whoopi Goldberg returns to 'The View' after near-death illness

Whoopi Goldberg returns to 'The View' after near-death illness

Goldberg said it was her first "foray" out but that she is still dealing with remnants of her illness. "That was like, uh, no, actually I hadn't thought of it. Prognosis is I'm not supposed to be here but I got permission".

She also revealed that while treating her double lung inflammation, she was diagnosed with sepsis - a frightening condition caused when the body has an extreme, over-active, life-threatening response to an infection. "Well it could", she said.

"I wanted the first foray to be to come see y'all because I really kinda missed y'all", she said.

"'I have to advocate for myself because clearly you are taking your cue from somebody who doesn't know what the doctor is telling me to do, '" Goldberg said she told the advocate. "One of the things I discovered, your insurance really doesn't do much for you", Goldberg said. "You must really take care of yourself, because there is little tiny stuff out there that will kill you that you never think of". McCain said. "You can not leave this show".

"She's not feeling well", Behar said during the broadcast. "I will ease back".

Her illness was first addressed during the February 20 episode, as fans began to question where Goldberg was. She encouraged people to take their health issues seriously before they spiral into something which could be fatal.

"You can never leave me again", co-host Meghan McCain said when Goldberg first appeared.

"Thank you for all of your good wishes, all of the wonderful things people have bee saying". It got me to thinking, why is it that I have been paying insurance for over 60 years and it hasn't rolled over? "Who told them they could use that money when I wasn't using it?'" I feel like if you're paying into your insurance, that money should roll over until you need it.

Goldberg recounted the story of a machine that she needed to use, but her insurance declined.

And Goldberg was happy to be there, if only to clear up some misconceptions about her absence. "Doctors don't belong on insurance boards, because a doctor's job is to do no harm". "This is my new [mission]". "And it got me to thinking: 'Why is it that I've been paying insurance for nearly 60 years and it hasn't rolled over, you know what I mean? Bitch, I could have bought this machine".

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