Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Wireless headphones like Apple Airpods 'could pose cancer risk', scientists warn

Wireless headphones like Apple Airpods 'could pose cancer risk', scientists warn

Some experts believe that AirPods may be especially risky since the devices sit deep inside the ear canal where they emit radiation to fragile parts of the ear. However, scientists who signed the petition say that even lower levels of EMF may be carcinogenic, according to a research.

Experts are warning Apple AirPods and similar technologies can send an electromagnetic field through the brain, 250 scientists have signed a petition to regulate this trendy technology in the best interest of consumer safety.

The petitioners stop short of naming Bluetooth or any particular products, the technology does use radiofrequency radiation, and AirPods in particular also use an electromagnetic field.

The devices, which harness Bluetooth technology, a type of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radio wave that can transmit data, are in unsafe proximity to the user's inner skull, literally rubbing against it.

"We haven't done all we need to do in terms of looking at this technology's health effects and we need to do more", said Kheifets. EMF radiation has been linked to brain cancer among other forms in the research.

Advent of new wireless technologies are outpacing research and regulation, and its effects could have risky even disastrous health effects, such as the untested 5G posed to roll out using broader and far stronger signals than ever before.

Their central argument is couched within the second part of that quote - that national and global standards for what is considered safe levels of exposure to EMF should be lowered.

The most obvious and well-established risk of radiowaves is that, at high levels, they can generate heat and cause burns. Why are wireless headphones particularly concerning?

One of the greatest risks may be hearing loss from listening to music too loudly on your headphones, but many experts agree that the technology doesn't increase one's risk of developing cancer, according to the report.

The petition further mentions such diagnoses as cancer, neurological disorders, and even DNA damage, citing research that links these to EMF exposure, and hence, the use of wireless headphones. They called for stronger guidelines and demanded that the public be informed about the risks posed by radio waves. These forms of energy are powerful enough to shake up atoms that compose cells but not powerful enough to change their structures, which means their radiowaves are less unsafe than radiation from X-rays or UV, but are still risky.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has declared electromagenetic field radiation a possible carcinogen.

The petition signed by the scientists notes that children are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF.

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