Published: Fri, March 15, 2019

At least 8 people killed in school shooting in Sao Paulo

At least 8 people killed in school shooting in Sao Paulo

The students who died were boys mostly 15 and 16 years old.

Authorities identified the shooters as Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25, and Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17.

Security cameras from homes near the school showed children climbing and jumping over a wall that surrounds the Raul Brasil building, and sprinting down streets, screaming for help.

A man was injured in another shooting near the school earlier, but police said they were still investigating if both cases were connected. "It didn't take long until police arrived".

In the 1999 attack on Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, two students killed 13 people.

The names and identities of the victims and the attacks have yet to be released and the motive for the attack is not clear. The gunmen also went to the school's linguistic center, where students hid in a classroom.

Police officers guard the entrance of the Raul Brasil State School in Suzano, Brazil, on Wednesday.

Brazil is one of the most violent countries in the world with 64,000 murders in 2017, a rate of nearly 31 per 100,000 inhabitants - that is three times higher than the level the United Nations classifies as endemic violence.

The dead included two teachers and six students, and several other people had been hospitalized after sustaining injuries, according to Gov. Joao Doria, speaking a few blocks from the public school.

Gun laws are extremely strict in Brazil, but it is not hard to illegally purchase a weapon.

However, current Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a temporary decree in January that made it easier for citizens to buy guns in an effort to overturn the strict regulations of the past.

The reports of a school shooting in Brazil are similar to those that have become common in the United States. The accused were seen entering the school and opening fire.

Neighbors who heard commotion coming from the school looked outside their windows and doors to see terrified students jumping over a fence that surrounded the building and running down the street.

Gonçalves, the housewife who lives nearby, gave safe harbor to several students, including one boy who was shot in the jaw.

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