Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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How to get Android 10 Q beta on your phone right now

How to get Android 10 Q beta on your phone right now

Previously, the first preview build of predecessor Android versions were installable only through manual processor since it was aimed towards developers. Android Q allows you to fine-tune control over location sharing; when an app asks for your location data, you can select "allow only while the app is in use" or "allow all the time".

Numerous previously announced features for foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold are also built into Android Q. For developers, that means supporting new paused and resumed states that allow multiple apps to work on a larger display.

This goes against previous Pixel 3 XL Lite rumors which pegged the handset as having either 6GB or 4GB of RAM and a slightly punchier Snapdragon 710 chip - its Pixel 3 siblings both pack 4GB of RAM and the flagship Snapdragon 845 chipset. All apps accessing Downloads must make use of the system file picker as well. With Android Q, you can choose to grant an app location access, deny it, or only allow access when the app is open. Since Android Nougat, the finalized version of the OS has been published sometime in August with Android Pie having been pushed out the earliest.

There are also camera tweaks, notably for enabling more messing around with depth-of-field control, as well as new audio and video codecs and improved APIs for graphics and neural network performance.

Once you're enrolled, you'll continue to be updated to every new version of the Android Q beta automatically, over-the-air.

Google is finally revamping the Share menu in Android Q and making it notably faster.

Google doesn't mention it in its official blog post, but Android Police spotted for some theming options in Android Q's developer settings. Many of these new Q Beta 1 features may increase convenience, ease-of-use or security for the user. Android Q is also adding "experimental support" for ANGLE on top of Vulkan, which is "a graphics abstraction layer designed for high-performance OpenGL compatibility across implementations".

The second and more courageous option to try the new Android is manually flashing the Android Q factory images. You can also set a custom wallpaper for the desktop. Google has a beta program that lets you update via a simple OTA. Be warned: this is unstable beta software.

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