Published: Fri, March 15, 2019

Huawei Has Made Its Own Smartphone and PC OSes … Just in Case

Huawei Has Made Its Own Smartphone and PC OSes … Just in Case

"Huawei has built its own operating system for smartphones and computers in case it is suddenly blocked from using USA software from Microsoft and Google", the CNBC reported on Friday. We heard more about this OS in 2016.

Chinese technology giant Huawei filed a lawsuit against the USA government last week as a "last resort" to get a federal ban on the use of its products lifted.

The executive has also confirmed that it has prepared its own operating system.

Meng was arrested at the Vancouver airport last December and remains in her extradition case moves through the courts. "Android and Windows will always remain our first choices". This admission follows earlier rumors that Huawei had been working on its own operating systems since at least early 2018.

Meng remains under house arrest in Canada while the courts proceed with the case to extradite her to the USA, which alleges that she deceiving financial institutions and put them in a position to violate sanctions against Iran.

He added that the company developed in-house mobile operating systems to be used in circumstances when Android and Windows are no longer on the table, possibly in a scenario when US-based companies are ordered to cut off ties with the Chinese electronics giant.

The trial is set for April 4. "We fully support our partners' operating systems - we love them, and our customers love them", a company spokesperson told South China Morning Post. Other nations will make their own.

Huawei's smartphone OS aims to challenge iOS/Android dominance: Can it succeed?

Huawei's legal woes in the United States, which might possibly culminate in a ban on its products in the country, will have some major implications on Huawei's business as well as the company's entire mobile and PC strategy.

Apparently it's called "Sunshine".

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