Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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Samsung is getting closer to making full-screen phones a reality

Samsung is getting closer to making full-screen phones a reality

Samsung's aversion to notches made the company punch a hole in the display of the Galaxy S10 series to house the front camera and while such a design does increase screen estate, the South Korean behemoth ultimately wants to come out with a phone with a flawless display that's not marred by any hole or pill-shaped cutout.

According to Byung-duk, Samsung is still two or more years off producing this futuristic screen, and before this it plans on reducing the size of the punch-hole in the Galaxy S11 or other future devices, until it's small enough to effectively be invisible. "We tried the technology for Galaxy's 10th anniversary model and think the strategy worked as a result".

"Galaxy S10 is the only smartphone that has a hole in OLED display itself", Yang pointed out.

Although Samsung is proud of its Infinity-O display, the company is certainly not stopping there and is now working on a full-screen phone with the camera sensors hidden.

But like the notch, punch hole displays still represent a design compromise, and aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing.

By doing this, Samsung is looking to create the "perfect full-screen" smartphone.

The South Korean tech giant said its Infinity-O Display, used in Galaxy S10, is a "milestone" for its display technology, although going forward, it will showcase a "full screen" look for upcoming smartphones.

Yang said the company is also considering development of Crystal Sound OLED display, which can make the screen double as a speaker. We know for a fact that Samsung's been mulling over the idea for a while, but rival LG beat it to the punch with the LG G8 ThinQ.

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