Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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Slack's new mobile dark mode is available for beta users

Slack's new mobile dark mode is available for beta users

Pick General, then choose Dark from the two options at the top of the dialog box (you can still set accent colours separately). As on Windows, not all programs will necessarily follow your dark mode directive, but the Apple ones will at least.

If you're more bothered by the color of Slack messages than the contents therein, the Slack dark mode was made for you. The dark mode background since it is either black or grey provides you with a much longer battery life while using that app.

Once you are approved (or if you already are), turn dark mode on by again navigating to Settings and toggling the mode on that page. Many apps will follow suit.

No wonder every company is eager to see it being sensible to people's concerns and is offering the same as part of the latest updates for several apps. You can add a toggle switch for it to the quick settings pane too.

Dark Mode is looking like a possibility for iOS and Android in 2019, and that'll no doubt be a game-changer.

In the upper-right of the screen, look for the options button - it's the vertical stack of three dots. Even other popular applications including WhatsApp are planning to soon bring Dark Mode feature.

From the menu, tap on Settings. In fact, you can stay up all night working now. Yay. It is more comfortable than the blinding white mode.

Chrome doesn't have a dark mode per se, but it does have an official Just Black theme.

Now, you've successfully enabled the Google Feed on Nova Launcher. Earlier this month, Facebook Messenger also quietly introduced a hidden dark mode feature that lets users change the app's interface through sending a crescent moon emoji to anyone in their contact list. That apart, dark mode is also pleasing on the eyes as well and is known to cause less strain.

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