Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your PC games wherever you like

Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your PC games wherever you like

Obviously, you'll also need either the physical Steam Link that was discontinued a year ago or the Steam Link app.

In other words, assuming you have a strong enough data connection, you can play your Steam games on your Android device from anywhere in the world.

Steam Networking Sockets APIs isn't as flashy (and that "flash" is definitely relative) but is aimed squarely at developers, and could be even more significant to Steam's fortunes given the pressure it's facing from the Epic Games Store: It enables developers to run their game traffic through Valve's own private gaming network, providing players "faster and more secure connections".

The Steam Link app launched on Android almost a year ago, but there were some restrictions with it. This was only really useful for those times when you want to play a game on your couch. You'll have to opt into the Steam client beta with the date of March 13 or newer, and then you can connect to any computer by selecting "Other Computer" from the search. You can do this at the computer itself or you can use a remote desktop app to do it from wherever you might be. The beta version of Valve's Steam Link app ...

At this stage Steam Link Anywhere is in early beta and support for it was added in the latest Steam Link beta build - build 688 to be exact.

Steam Link Anywhere is an update for the dongle which allows it to stream games from any PC. Regardless, this is an exciting development from Valve that represents just how powerful gaming will be on the 5G networks of the future, with fast speeds and low latencies.

A post from slouken on the Steam Community boards stated that you should be able to stream games to your Steam Link from virtually any computer running Steam.

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