Published: Sat, March 16, 2019

Aberdeen man living in New Zealand describes ‘horrific’ aftermath of Christchurch attack

Aberdeen man living in New Zealand describes ‘horrific’ aftermath of Christchurch attack

"Love always wins over hate". Kiwis stand united in our love and support for our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

Christchurch residents including the Muslim community are mourning the victims of the attacks.

Omar Nabi speaks to the media about losing his father Haji Daoud in the mosque attacks, at the district court in Christchurch, New Zealand, March 16, 2019.

A short distance away, 39 people were being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds and other injuries inflicted in the massacre. This is a partial transcription of those press conferences in which she touches on her country's diversity, sending condolences to victims and their families and communities.

Another victim of the Christchurch mosque attacks tried to wrestle the gunman's weapon off him in a desperate bid to save others, it has emerged.

"I hadn't intended for anybody other than the people at Medina Mosque to know about this", Mr Graystone said.

"Both Martin and Lockie felt personally uncomfortable making the trip to Dunedin given the events in Christchurch, and also, the feelings and concerns of their partners and families", said Auckland Cricket High Performance Manager Simon Insley.

Nearby, Akhtar Khokhur leaned on the shoulders of her friend and cried as she held up her cellphone with an image of her husband. Mohan Ibrahim has lived in the country for five years, but says after the attack, he does not feel safe.

She asserted that New Zealand "will not and can not be shaken" by this attack. The couple was due to fly out Sunday.

"As people walked up, you could see in their eyes that they were looking at somebody standing outside their mosque, thinking "Oh no, is this some kind of protest or whatever". They have not heard from him since.

He identified himself as a member of online far-right extremist networks and the massacre was live-streamed on social media.

He and his co-workers had been working at a building site a short distance from the Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch when the shooting started.

'49 innocent people were slaughtered in their place of worship during the terrorist attack on Christchurch Mosques.

Earlier, local media reported that the suspected shooter visited Turkey twice back in 2016.

Ardern further differentiated herself from Trump's conduct following attacks on minority communities when she was asked whether she agreed with the president's assessment, shared on Friday, that white supremacy is not a growing global problem.

The video showed the killer was carrying a shotgun and two fully automatic military assault rifles, with an extra magazine taped to one of the weapons so that he could reload quickly.

Officers also discovered explosive devices in a vehicle, which were defused.

New Zealand's Police Commissioner Mike Bush said four people - three men and a woman - had been taken into custody.

Tributes have been left at the scenes of the attack.

The New Zealand premier said that he had been in possession of a "Category A" gun licence obtained in 2017.

It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the tragedy as a "terrorist attack" and noted numerous victims could be migrants or refugees.

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