Published: Sat, March 16, 2019

Rescue, evacuations continue in eastern Nebraska

Rescue, evacuations continue in eastern Nebraska

The storm also spawned at least three tornadoes in MI and in on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

In Omaha, the National Weather Service office was evacuated due to flooding concerns.

Rescue efforts in eastern Nebraska were hampered by reports of levee breaches and washouts of bridges and roads, including part of Nebraska Highway 92, leading in and out of southwest Omaha.

Following an aerial tour of northwest Missouri, Parson said Friday that Missourians in the area should be prepared for a "dramatic rise" in the river in the coming days. reported that one-third of the city of 24,000 was evacuated. Water in that location is now subsiding, but only after a portion of the city was submerged. A flood warning was in effect for the Rock River in Como, where the river had reached 15 feet Friday, 2 1/2 feet above flood stage.

The GRCA says ice sheets in the river could break up and shift, causing ice jams.

To better illustrate the extent of flooding compared to normal river levels, we also examined satellite imagery on February 4, a relatively infrequent day in mid-winter with both mostly clear skies, but little snow cover. "Most flood deaths occur in vehicles". It is now at 42.5 feet and rising. The record level at the Rulo-Brownville area is 44.8 feet.

At 9:45 a.m. Thursday the stage was 9.0 feet. Electricity then would be delivered from other sources. During the historic summer flooding in 2011, Cooper sandbagged and barricaded the doorways but kept functioning.

However, flooding will persist throughout the MS and Missouri river.

Friday morning, the Missouri River level at St. Joseph was just below 25 feet, heading swiftly to 27 feet, considered major flood stage.

Water levels on numerous major rivers are expected to stay near record highs into early next week before slowly subsiding.

Flooding is also common across Iowa, with numerous roads statewide closed.

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